Information for Vendors

WMFF is Seeking Local Businesses to Vend at Our New Yearly Festival

Legion of Heroes, LLC is bringing an exciting event to our area for the second time in June 2021 at the Venango County Fairgrounds. The Wild Mountain Fantasy Festival & Time Travelers Marketplace is a weekend-long event featuring artisan crafts, collectibles, art, entertainment, food, shopping, and fun.

WMFF is a unique festival structured much like a renaissance festival with one huge twist. This event brings in all types of costumed characters and themes for a ‘time traveling’ effect, featuring such themes as Steampunk, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Comic Book, Myths, and Monsters. These themes allows us to market to a much broader audience than just those interested in the renaissance festival.

Our mission to boost the local economy is twofold. First, our goal is to boosts tourism by attracting patrons from outside of the community to our festival. Second, we want to fill the event with local artists, performers, community organizations, and vendors in order to keep the money in our community.

Our festival features 4 themes – Renaissance Fantasy (Fairies, wizards, knights and princesses), Steampunk, Comic Book & Science Fiction (all genres), and Myths & Monsters (movie monsters and heroes from myth and legend). Each section will be filled with vendors for all four themes. 

Food vendors have a great opportunity to get creative and have some fun. Not only can the shop be named thematically, but the product as well. Chicken nuggets and fries  become Nuts and Bolts in the Steampunk area. A hamburger shop can be modeled like a 1950’s malt shop in the comic book area. For the Myths & Monsters area, funnel cake could be named spider’s web, etc.

We are encouraging all local businesses interested in vending to get creative. We are always available to help come up with creative names to ensure participation. We at WMFF strive to have no duplication of products. If you sell wooden bowls or hot hogs, you will be the only vendor selling those items. 

Attendance Goal: 1000 

     Vendor Goal: 100 total food, craft, art and collectible vendors.

Vendor Fees

Product Vendors – $50 for returning vendors,  $65 for new vendors

    Food Vendors – $100

For more information or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our general manager.

 [email protected]  / 814-346-1587